St. John’s Homes Trending Green

Steve Winters
Steve Winters
Published on December 19, 2017

Greener Homes equals Energy Savings

Today’s savvy new-home buyers recognize the value to the environment and their wallet of green features in the home, and are willing to invest a little in the beginning to reap ongoing cost savings down the road. In the St. John’s real estate market, recent advances in construction techniques and components allow for energy-saving strategies from the ground up. From wrapping the building envelope to sealing ducts to radiant barrier roof sheathing, area builders are incorporating high-tech solutions starting with the mechanicals of the house. Cool roofs, made from highly reflective shingles, can stay more than 50 degrees cooler, conserving energy and perhaps extending the life of the roof.

High performance, low-E windows are more effective than ever at controlling energy costs while allowing plenty of natural light. High-efficiency air conditioners and furnaces, ENERGY STAR® appliances and compact fluorescent or LED lighting are in high demand for the energy-conscious homes of today.

Did you know:  High performance shower heads can decrease water usage by over 25%, saving you approximately $35 a year. You can qualify for a rebate as well through takeCHARGEnl

Water conservation is also a high priority for today’s new St. John’s homes. Dual flush, low-flow toilets, tankless water heaters and water-saving faucets for kitchens and baths are a must for new homes. Trends in landscaping, too, are toward regional native plantings and ground covers that have the added benefit of being low-maintenance.

Did you know: Proper insulation, not only cuts down on excess noise, but more importantly permits better temperature control while saving up to 20% on your energy bill.

Millennials in St. John’s are coming of age and bringing their own aesthetic to new home construction. The trend toward smaller environmental footprints in 2018 is also trending towards smaller St. John’s homes. But at the same time, homebuyers want more wide-open spaces in these homes, with site lines extending through multiple rooms and even beyond, to outdoor spaces. Flow is everything in new-home design. Rather than rooms bound by walls, zones are defined by subtle variations in lighting, flooring, kitchen islands, dual-sided fireplaces — all with a goal to maintain space and volume.

Green St. John’s homes don’t always cost more to build, but always costs less to operate. Whether you are building a home, you just bought a home, or you want some energy conservation tips for your apartment, it all starts with being educated on the topic. takeCHARGE Newfoundland will help you get started in designing and planning your project as well as offering you rebates.

Did you know St. John’s homes have over 25 bulbs on average? If you switch your whole home from incandescent to LED bulbs you could save about $60 a year.

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